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Frequently Asked Questions

What areas do you cover?
J Patterson Tutors covers mainly the north of London. We will try to find you a tutor near to your home.

Does the tutor come to your home?
Yes.  Although some of our tutors currently offer the option of the learner travelling to the tutor's home. 

Does the price include travel costs?
No. Tutor travel costs are not included in the price.

Do we have a choice of male or female tutors?
Yes.  If there is a particular gender of tutor available in your area then we will provide your first choice if possible.  

Can you accommodate more than one learner in a lesson?
Yes. There is a minimum fee of £12 per hour for this extra service regardless of the level being taught. 

Can we choose the days and times?
Yes.  You and the assigned tutor discuss times and days which are convenient for you both.

How many hours can I have?
As many as you need.  Generally clients request an hour or two per lesson weekly but some clients have currently requested three or four hours per session because they have more than two children and they are at different levels.

How do we pay?
At the end of every lesson the client pays the tutor in cash, by cheque or by electronic transfer. Clients can pay in advance for multiple lessons. This is arranged with the tutor. 

Can I change my tutor?
Yes.  If the tutor is not suitable for whatever reason then a replacement can be provided for the next scheduled lesson.